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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2003 May 14)

April 9, 2003, multi-town annual meeting

Present: Joel Parks, Charlie Schwerin, Charlie Webster, Ray Ruetenik,, Bob Sawyer, Jean Hammond, Craig Della Penna, Rich Warrrington, Bob Evans, Don Blake, Holly Webster, and guests to total about thirty people.

7:30 pm. Minutes from March were approved.

Joel summarized the status of the workings of our committee:

  1. Bedford Safety day will be on a Saturday in June, this year geared to those ages 4 - 12.
  2. The after school program planned was canceled due to lack of participants.
  3. There is slow but steady progress on the development of the Bridge Street path.
  4. We are formalizing the extension toward the Concord line.
  5. The intersection at Route 62 and Crosby Drive is a continued problem.
  6. It is also difficult to get from Bedford center to the Burlington mall due to lack of proper construction.
  7. We are urging property owners to keep the sections of sidewalk in front of their property clear.
  8. We did succeed in getting the parking by-laws amended to allow for increased bicycle parking.
  9. We are continuing to work on a circular bike tour of Bedford but there is still one small gap.

Next meeting: May 14, 7:30pm Town , Auditorium

Meeting adjourned 8:30pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Treasurer’s report: Don Blake reported a current balance of $640. All memberships are now due for the next year.

The following board was proposed for next year and duly elected:

As there were no other reports, Ray Ruetenik introduced Craig Della Penna who spoke on various developments of bike routes all across Massachusetts and New England, and presented his talk with slides.

A few of the things noted were:

Craig’s presentation was followed by question and comments including:

The meeting generally broke up about 9:30pm.