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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 11 Feb 2004)

Jan. 14, 2004

Present: Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Ray Ruetenik, Bob Evans, Holly Webster, Charlie Schwerin, Joel Parks, and Don Blake

7:35 pm. Minutes from Dec.10 were amended by Ray Ruetenik, further defining the problem we had the earlier meeting to discuss. Joel has the new ones to put on the Web site. It was noted that Jean Hammond may be resigning from the committee although her Husband Ralph could be interested in taking her place.


  1. East-Bedford Industrial area -Bob Sawyer had contacted John Allen who agrees the intersection is not bicycle friendly but does meet state standards. He will do some research and let Bob know of any responses. Ray still believes that the proposed triangular island seperating Crosby Dr southbound traffic into east and west-turning lanes is too small according to AASHTO standards. There was some discussion about whether or not to proceed with the amendment to our current by-laws about the BBAC being notified about proposals that affect pedestrians, cyclists, etc. The general feeling is, no, we do not want to put ourselves in the position of pointing out if the selectmen violate the by-laws. What we need is more constant contact. Bob Evans will be the liaison to the Recreation Commission and the Conservation Com. trails subcommittee. Holly will ask Myles McDonnough if we can be on the list to receive the minutes of the Conservation Commission. Joel will see if we can be on the list to get minutes of the Sidewalk Committee meetings. Ray will get in touch with Rich Warrington to see if we can speak with him for about an hour before our meetings. Joel will contact Rich Joly of the Planning Board. Bob Sawyer will be our representative on the Transportation Committee and will attend a meeting Jan. 21. In fact, Joel will contact the Selectmen to request that Bob Sawyer be our representative.
  2. MM bikeway extension -When Ray contacts Rich, he will ask what are the plans for the extension. Bob Sawyer got a price of $125000/mile for paving off the internet. Ray will get Rich’s price. Ralph Hammond will represent the Rotary and Ray will invite him to our next meeting.
  3. Police accident reports - Bob Sawyer did not get the report Monday, due to the cold but he intends to next Monday. The person that is his contact does not come in every day. There has been nothing in the Minuteman newspaper.
  4. DPW items - signing, Concord signs -Bob Sawyer will find our from Burlingtion how they got up the “Share the Road” signs. He had already been told no by Mark Siegenthaller. Does the fact that ours are state roads make a difference? Ray will invite Rich again to our meetings.
  5. Sidewalk passability - Tabled until the weather improves.
  6. Bridge Street Path - The Friends brought to this meeting a letter to Mr. Drucker regarding cleaning out the brush forcing pedestrians to walk in the road. BBAC voted to let the Friends send the letter. Ray will send the letter after obtaining Mr. Drucker’s address.
  7. Comprehensive Plan - Tabled.
  8. Community Preservation Funds - The time for this year’s town meeting has passed. If Rich Warrington is the proper channel to approach CPF, shall Ray talk to him about this? What has he planned to do about this. If nothing, how can we help?
  9. Meeting with the Planning Board - Jan. 26, Monday, Ray can attend and will try to get a copy of the agenda first. Joel will also try to attend.
  10. NGRT - 2ft. track - We need a schedule of what is going on. Joel will try to contact Mark Siegenthaller to see what may be found out about this.


  1. meeting hosted by LWV - Bob Sawyer will attend Jan. 21.
  2. Bedford’s 275th celebration - Leave this item to the Friends.
  3. Next meeting: Feb. 11, 7:30pm Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned 9:10pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Bedford Bike Tour - Let’s make it a scenic tour of places in town. Bob Sawyer has led a bus trip around Bedford that was 22 miles long and he pointed out 50 places of interest. A subcommittee was formed and will try to meet Feb. 1, Sunday, at 7:30pm, at Bob Evan’s house, and will include Bob Evans, Bob Sawyer, Joel, and Charlie Webster. This will be our contribution to the 275th celebration.
  2. Membership - Don has a list and will make mailing labels for about 45 people. Ray will look up previous newsletters and see how it had been handled. Ray needs the labels before the week of Feb. 21.
  3. State Charter - Tabled.
  4. Newsletter - Ray will try to put out the Newsletter during the week of March 21 but he needs all materials no later than the last full week in February.
  5. Eagle Scout Project - Tabled until after hearing from Mr. Drucker.
  6. Web site - Joel has added Maps and still plans to include the minutes of our meetings. The web site is:


  1. Depot Park - Clerical - They need more clerks to volunteer. Could members of the Historical Society be asked? Holly will speak to Jim Shea about this.
  2. Annual Meeting - Forum, speaker - Joel wants to have a proposal to present at that meeting with Bob's suggestions for our new name and emphasis to put to a vote. Bob Sawyer gave us each a copy of “Danvers Bi-Peds News” to show us what we could become. We need activities. We suggest electing Bob Sawyer to head up the new Friends for the next year. Don gave Bob S. a copy of the membership list and will make another for himself. Bob Sawyer has the current charter and bi-laws and will work out a proposal for the meeting. He noted that we do not have insurance. We hope that insurance to cover the scenic ride around Bedford will be covered by the town. Bob Evans and his wife have liability insurance for $400/year and he can get the name of the insurer for us. Although Ray suggested a panel, we made no decision for the bulk of the program.
  3. Bike racks - Bob Evans reminded us of the $150 given by CRC for bike racks. Ray will contact Jim Shea about this. Ray will also ask Rich of the cost of the racks already at Depot Park.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm