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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee


Feb. 11, 2004

Present: Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Ray Ruetenik, Bob Evans, Charlie Schwerin, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Rich Warrington, Mark Siegenthaller, Jean Hammond, and Holly Webster

7:30 pm. Approval of the minutes from Jan.14 wasdelayed until after the discussions in which we would like to have Rich and Mark participate.


  1. MM bikeway extension -Bob Sawyer’s quote of $125000/mile for paving off is not far from the mark. He believes that Mass Highway will not put in a non-paved bikeway. Rich says that he can assist us. He says that we must be assured that the path is buildable, produce a preliminary map, and get a good presentation ready to give to the Project Review Committee. We must be nominated by TIP and get on the Metropolitan Planning Organization list of projects. When Bob Sawyer gets a good estimate from Rich for this preliminary study, he believes that he can get some funding from “Bikes Belong” and some additional from the CPC. Mark suggested that we need a forum to get ideas from the public on how to improve the path and then to go to the Selectmen to get the money for the plan. $5,000 may be enough for the plan but $100,000 - $200,000 for the entire project may be difficult.
  2. Bike parking - Although this is normally a topic for the Friends, we needed to find out from Rich about the cost and installation of the new rack or racks. He will find out from the manufacturer and suggest a location, per haps on the west side of South road. Joel will speak to Eric Dilg of the Bike Source for his suggestion for placement of the new bike rack.
  3. Bridge Street Path -Another Friend’s topic that we needed to consult with Rich Warrington. Rich says that the DPW will haul away any materials that we pull up. Ray will get the address of Mr. Drucker from Rick Reed and send the letter, previously discussed, to Mr. Drucker.
  4. DPW items - Rich suggests that a smaller group get together with him. He has seen the signs in Concord and was not impressed. Plain old “Share the Road” such as are in Burlington would be best. He and the small group would drive around, decide where best to place the signs, and put together a plan to take to the Selectmen. We are not sure where to have the signs made. Concord has a company that would make signs like theirs for $105 each. Bob Sawyer will check the internet to find out if another company already has the template for signs such as we want.
  5. NGRT - Rich says that there may be paving around the gate. The track will be pulled back, one foot from the path and the flush rails will be another foot from that. He and Rick Reed will oversee the construction and ensure that it is done safely.
  6. Sidewalk passability - We should note where the infringements are and the DPW will clear them.
  7. East Bedford Industrial area - The conclusion of much discussion is that we should approach Mitre employees and they would have to ask for any paving in the area.


  1. Liaisons - Rich is open to periodic meeting with us. Mark reminded us that advertisements for volunteers for the newly formed Transportation committee will be in the Minuteman tomorrow. It will have representatives from the Sidewalk Committee, the Planning Board, etc. and should serve to ease our communication problems.

Rich left our meeting at this point. We returned to amending last months minutes. Joel and Ray each provided some changes. Joel will correct the minutes as suggested and place the approved minutes on the web site. He will also e-mail the approved minutes to each of us.


  1. Meeting with the Planning Board - Joel, Ray, and Bob Sawyer attended their last meeting. The results are closer communication between our board and the Planning Board.
  2. Police Accident reports - There were no bicycle related accidents in December or January.
  3. Community Preservation Funds -Bob will get from Rich Warrington a more specific dollar number than the $5,000 mentioned above.


  1. Biking at the Burlington Mall - Jim Shea was accosted while biking at the Mall. There are, however, bicycle racks. Bob Sawyer will contact Millie Nash of the Burlington Bicycle Committee.
  2. Jean Hammond and her husband Ralph will be attending a RTC workshop and will report back to the BBAC.
  3. The next meeting will be March 10, 7:30pm Town Hall

Meeting adjourned 9:15pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. State Charter - Bob Sawyer will find out how to get the proper application. Ray says we are already in the 501C Federal Charter. Bob doesn’t feel that this is necessary. Ray will bring in to the May meeting all the information that he can find.
  2. Annual Meeting - We will suggest that we would like to change our name and emphasis, and perhaps attendees will have suggestions. At the May meeting we will decide what to do. It may mean beginning anew with a 180 State and letting the other charters become extinct and passing the funds to the new organization. We will have an election of Officers and Board members. All will continue as currently but with one different board member; Bob Sawyer will replace Ray. For the program we would like a repeat of the panel, held a few years back with representatives of neighboring towns and find out what they have been doing in the last three years. Joel will moderate, and speak for Bedford. Bob Sawyer will contact Burlington and Lexington. Joel will also contact Concord and Arlington. The meeting will be again the yellow Town Center Building.
  3. Newsletter - The BIKEWAY - Ray passed out our assignments and wants all material back to him no later than Mar. 21. We were in some doubt about an article about the late John Perkins but Joel agreed to make a short one stressing the necessity of stopping and using the hand signal buttons.
  4. Membership - Don and Ray will go over the membership
  5. Bedford Bike Tour - Bob Evans reported that he has up to three possible rides.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm