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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 14 April 2004)

Mar. 10, 2004

Present: Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Bob Evans, Charlie Schwerin, Joel Parks, Don Blake, and Holly Webster

7:30 pm. Approval of the February minutes, including a correction put forth by Ray through Joel, was done.


  1. MM bikeway extension -What is our next step toward getting funds? A subcommittee of Charlie Webster, Bob Evans, Ray Ruetenik, Charlie Schwerin, and Bob Sawyer will meet to decide the answer. Bob Sawyer will confirm the date and place; March 24 and April 4 are possibilities.
  2. Bike parking -Rich Warrington was going to give us a price. Joel will e-mail Rich to take care of getting this in place.
  3. Bridge Street Path -Tabled until better weather.
  4. DPW items -Bob Sawyer wants our signs to be consistent with other towns (excluding Concord). Joel will include this topic in his e-mail to Rich Warrington. We want to include a sign at Loomis street and one on the bikeway at the Bedford Lexington border.
  5. NGRT -Joel will ask Mark Siegenthaller for a response to Ray’s letter.
  6. Sidewalk passability -Tabled.
  7. East Bedford Industrial area -There is nothing to report
  8. Police Accident reports - There were no accidents during the month of February.
  9. Comprehensive Plan - Joel needs to respond to the planning director, Rich Joly.
  10. Biking at the Burlington Mall - Bob Sawyer contacted Millie Nash who was horrified, will bring it up at their next meeting, and will let Bob know.
  11. Liaisons and Committees - Ray provided us with a list to review and update. The following are changes that we made this evening:


  1. Next meeting - April 14, town Center.

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Annual Meeting -Terms are running out for Ray and Don. We need to have election for two new board members (who may be the same as before) and a new slate. Don will bring a proposed budget including costs: $200 for two newsletters, $30 rental of the Town Center, one time only $150 for a fireproof awning for our booth on Bedford Day, fees for updating name and charter. Our list of members in roughly 100. The CRW gift for new bike racks is $150. We will vote at the meeting to approve this budget. We plan to discuss the proposal to change our Charter and name of the organization and we should be prepared to vote if good names are brought up. The remainder of the program will be the panel update from other towns. Lexington and Burlington have already accepted and Joel will contact the rest. Joel will bring hot and cold cups and juice. Holly will bring coffee, tea and the extras. Bob S. will bring healthy cookies. Don and Charlie S. will also bring something.
  2. BIKEWAY -Any articles not with Ray should be passed in before he returns, March 21.
  3. Membership - Ray provided a list for us to go over. We decided not to cut it at this time but to include a red label saying RENEW or NO MORE NEWSLETTER! We also want to send the newsletter to other interested cyclists and include a label, instead of the above red one, saying Because of Your Interest in Cycling. Any committee members should give names to Ray or Joel by March 21 and be address labels 5160.
  4. Bedford Bike Tour - Bob Evans reported that he has three possible rides. He wants to try them as soon as the ground is free. The subcommittee will meet when Bob S. decides upon a time and place to decide upon dates for these rides. The two Bobs will write an exciting article for the Minuteman Newspaper to tout these rides.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm