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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 12 May 2004)

Apr. 14, 2004

Present: Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Bob Evans, Charlie Schwerin, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Holly Webster, Ray Reutenik, George Dalrymple, Jim Nevins, Jean Hammond, Steve Williams, Jerry Van Hook, Bill Haynes, Arline Deardorff, Peggy Hannon-Rizza, John Fryer, and Marita Hartshorn, (18 in all).

7:30 pm. Approval of the March minutes.


There were no accidents in Bedford in the past month. There was a small mention of the fatal accident at the crossing of Bedford Street and the MMB. A program, “Wait for the Wave”, was started by a woman in Texas whose son was killed. Joel feels riders are getting too used to having motorists stop at street crossings.

Next meeting - May 12, 7:30pm, Town Hall

Meeting adjourned

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Approval of the March minutes.

Ray reported that we had had 12 meetings this year.

Don reported that in 2004 we have had income of $130 from membership renewals and $3.70 from bank interest. Our expenses have been $30 for room rental and also an unknown amount for the last newsletter, making a current balance of $714.20.

We had a brief unanimous reelection of our board of directors and our current slate.

Directors (term expires)

Officers (1-year terms)

Note that remaining directors Joel Parks (2006) and Charles Schwerin (2005) terms did not expire this year.

We unanimously authorized the new budget of $380 for next year’s expenses including a tarp for over the booth at Bedford Day.

We also unanimously approved the establishment of two permanent committees: Membership and Publicity.

Ray reviewed our activities this past year including the bike corral at Bedford Day and July 4th.

There was some discussion of the intersection of Crosby Drive and Route 62 and some additional about the next intersection along Route 62 and Network Drive (to Sun Microsystems). Route 3 is being engineered & constructed by Modern Continental and VHB is engineering the intersection near Sun. Bob Sawyer will work with Jim Nevins, Kevin McKelvey, the Burlington Bicycle Advisory Committee, and Rich Warrington about the latter.

We are concerned about the safety of cyclists along the stretch of the NGRT where the new narrow gauge tracks will be run.

We are concerned about the Minuteman extension. We are happy with the new parking lot that the Rotary is providing and which was approved by the selectmen.

We are open to suggestions for a new name for our friends organization that will include pedestrians as well as cyclists and also a few changes to our charter. These will be proposed at next years annual meeting.

There are also a few back burner items that we have been dealing with: signage, parking at the shopping center, the Bridge Street path, the best route to Billerica, and the Burlington Mall issue. There was some discussion about this. Bob Sawyer reported about Jim Shea’s experience. Jim Nevins is following through with the Mall and help from Burlington’s selectmen. There was also some discussion about “Share the Road” signs and “Bike Route” signs. Both Lexington and Burlington have some of each.

Bob Evans, for Bedford’s 275th anniversary, has set up at least three rides around Bedford. They will start soon and take place one Saturday per month and start from Depot Park.

Next came remarks from our invited panel:

Meeting adjourned at 9:33pm.