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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2004 Oct 06)

Sept. 8, 2004

Present: Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Ray Ruetenik, and Holly Webster

7:40 pm. Approval of the August minutes including corrections.


  1. Bedford Bike Tour - Went well. The article in the MM, Sept 2., by Bob Evans was very good. Ray will plan whereabouts and take pictures of the second Bike Tour.
  2. MM Bikeway extension -The Community Preservation Committee met Aug. 26 with both Joel and Bob Sawyer attending and again on Sept. 2 when Bob Sawyer attended. They approved giving us the monies asked for and would like the funds to be matched by Bikes Belong. Bob and Joel will finish the application and get it mailed soon. Bikes Belong requires 6 copies. The parking lot at Concord Road has had the stone dust spread into a rectangular area and will hold eight to ten cars.
  3. NGRT - The Friends of Bedford Depot Park have the funds to complete half of the track.
  4. Sidewalk passability -Tabled until January.
  5. East Bedford Industrial area -There is nothing to report. Joel will arrange a joint meeting between the BBAC and the Planning Board, to talk about the issues that concern us jointly. Perhaps there will be a special meeting or perhaps Joel will get a spot on their agenda. Joel will contact Sandra Hackman and Bob Fagan by E-mail.
  6. Transportation Committee - There have been no more meetings. Bob Sawyer, our liaison, will be away part of October but will get a substitute from this committee to attend any meeting that is announced.
  7. Police Accident Reports - There were no accidents during August. Bob Sawyer will try to reproduce the Mass Bike Flyer to have to distribute on Bedford Day.

Next meeting - October 6, Town Center

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Newsletter - It is ready to be mailed. We need a membership activity to form a plan to increase membership. For the present we will send to all the names, that we have available. BIKEWAY -Any articles not with Ray should be passed in before he returns, March 21.
  2. Bedford Day - Joel, Don, Bob S., and Ray plan to collect everything needed, tables, awning, chairs, fencing, hammer, tickets and signs and will set up the corral and the booth. Joel and Don will also ride in the parade. Ray will try again to get an item in the MM about the “Free Valet Parking.
  3. State Charter - Don believes that we are up-to-date. November is the month to pay the bills.
  4. Bridge Street Path - Ray sent the letter to Drucker in July and has had no response. This should be a topic to take up with the Planning Board. Joel believes that as there is a right-of-way that belongs to the town, we should be able to go ahead. We suspect Mr. Drucker is still concerned about liability, but we know that he should not be.


  1. Application for Funds from the Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway has been prepared by Bob and Joel and will be mailed within 7 days.

Meeting adjourned at 9:06pm