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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2004 Dec 08)

November 10, 2004

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Evans, Ralph Hammond, Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, and Holly Webster

7:45pm. Joel Parks was contacted by telephone. Bob Sawyer is pushing Joel to get the application in to Bikes Belong by this coming weekend. There are no minutes from the last meeting. Joel will get on it. Approval of the October minutes was tabled.


  1. NGRT - 2 ft. RR status - The Friends of Depot park plan a plaque on a boulder which will be put near the entrance on Loomis Street. Some additional laying of track has been done but has not been completed. We decided to omit this item from future agendas.
  2. East Bedford Industrial Area - tabled.
  3. Transportation Committee - Bob Sawyer attended but there was no quorum. Bob is pushing for bike lane delineation on main roads as they are resurfaced in the future. Ray feels that this issue is not black and white. Bike lanes become sandy and may prove more dangerous. Ray will get in touch with Burlington to see if the town is happy with the bike lanes on 3A and with Carlisle to see if they are happy with the lanes on East Street. Bob suggests bike lanes connecting the NGRT and the Minuteman Bikeway and on either side to Railroad Avenue.
  4. Police Accident report - Tabled as Bob forgot to check with the police. We have not heard of any accidents.

Next meeting -- Dec. 8, 2004 , 7:30pm, Town Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Minuteman Bikeway Extension - Bob is working with Joel to get the application to Bikes Belong.
  2. Membership - We need new initiatives. Bob Sawyer will divide up the membership list as we have is and we will each call our portion of the list and report the results at our next meeting. We will ask if they received “Bikeway” and if it was read and do they wish to continue to receive it. Send $10 family for annual membership to Don Blake, 1 Gleason Road Bedford, MA 01730. We are a 501C3 organization.
  3. State Charter - Don is not here, but Ray believes that Don has sent in all the necessary info.
  4. Bridge Street Path - Ray has contacted Elizabeth Bagdonis through her secretary but has not yet actually spoken to her to find out what we can do in the way of cleaning out the growth that makes the path unacceptable.


  1. More about membership: We need to decide exactly what we will say on the telephone. We’re contacting all former members to urge them to renew. Here’s what we have done: newsletter, impact on cycling issues in the Town of Bedford, getting the MM extension CPC grant, bike parking at the July 4th festivities and for Bedford Day, the Police bicycle safety clinic, sponsored the bike ride around Bedford, trying to get youth training, and have promoted bike parking at stores. We are receptive to their ideas. We welcome their presence at any of our meetings, which occur the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Ray will type up this list of what to say and get this to each of us. Bob Evans will contact Don to get the list and get each of us our portion instead of having Bob Sawyer do it as his computer can handle this easier.

Meeting adjourned at 9:28pm