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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 Jan 12)

December 8, 2004

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Ralph Hammond, Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, Joel Parks, Don Blake, and Holly Webster

7:40 pm. Both the October and November minutes were approved as corrected.


  1. East Bedford Industrial Area -Joel will get us on the agenda of a planning board meeting and let the rest of us know when it will be.
  2. Transportation Committee -Ray has not yet contacted Burlington or Carlisle but will do so before our next meeting. Joel reviewed for us the pluses and minuses of having bike lanes. Joel says we need more emphasis on road sharing. Ralph is in favor of fog lines everywhere. Bob S. wants to look at the AASHTO or federal standards, which he can do online re fog lines.
  3. Police Accident report -There were no accidents in November making eleven months with no accidents reported.


  1. Should we increase our purview to include pedestrians? Yes. BBAC gave Joel and Ray permission to look up our mission and with small changes come up with a new proposal to present at town meeting.
  2. BBAC annual reports were actually asked to be submitted September 1 and we have not ever done so. Holly will review minutes from July 1 through June 30 and bullet items that we have done for next August.
  3. Ralph proposed that when the Conservation Commission puts trail signs up on trees, that some of them could also allow bikes. We need to work with the Conservation Commission to identify which routes could be useful for bicycles. We tabled this until Bob Evans is present as he should be the one to do this.

Next meeting -- Jan. 12, 2005 , 7:30pm, Town Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:35pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. MM Bikeway extension - Bob S. has sent in all six copies to Bikes Belong, which were received, and we will here in February to get matching funds but we should not wait to get started with the monies that were approved at town meeting. We need to set up a meeting with Rich Warrington, which Ray will do in the next day or so. Ralph, Bob S., and Joel will also attend with Ray at Rich’s convenience. Joel will also get in touch with Rick Reed to coordinate efforts of obtain funding for the bike path extension from Princeton Properties.
  2. State Charter - Don reported that the Friends are all up to date with the state.
  3. Bridge Street Path - It is time to get in touch with Elizabeth Bagdonis to see how to get a response from Mr. Drucker. Ray will do this. If no response is forthcoming, can we go in and clear the brush? We need to consult the town lawyer to answer this question. We hope to be able to announce a work day in the spring to take care of this. It might be a good idea to coordinate this with the Boy Scout work day.
  4. Membership - Bob S. called all the names on his list for which he could find phone numbers. He got 14 positive responses, mailed each an application and has had 8 renewed memberships for 2005. Bob will send each of us copies of what he said and application forms and we will all try to duplicate his efforts by our next meeting. Two of our committee renewed right away.


  1. no new business

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm