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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 Feb 09)

January 12, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Ralph Hammond, Bob Sawyer, Joel Parks, Don Blake, and Holly Webster

7:30pm. December minutes were approved.


  1. East Bedford Industrial Area -Bob Sawyer has a contact from MITRE, Mike Hanauer. Joel will send him background information and directions on how to obtain a map (see
  2. Transportation Committee -Again there was no quorum. Bob has already told the committee that he will attend the next meeting, Jan 19. Joel is not in favor of painted bike lanes. Ray proposed that we table discussion of this issue indefinitely. We all agreed to this. Joel pointed out that information is available on the internet if one starts with and researchs the links.
  3. Police Accident report -The weather has been bad, and therefore Bob has not been to the police department to check.
  4. Annual Town Meeting - Joel and Ray, whom we had asked to prepare our proposal, decided that this pedestrian issue is not appropriate for town meeting and that it should be an issue for the Friends.
  5. Sidewalk passability - Should be placed on the agenda for next month.

Next meeting -- Feb. 9, 2005 , 7:30pm, Town Hall

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. MM Bikeway extension - Ray talked with Rick Reed. He had agreed to meet with members of our committee and Rich Warrington. Ray, Ralph, and Bob plan to attend the meeting that should be set up before February 8. They will discuss the upcoming feasibility study. We should get the answer from Bikes Belong in February with an additional $5000, even though the study could be done with less money. Joel will remind Rick Reed of our committee’s expectations of funding from Princeton Properties.
  2. Membership - As a result of Holly’s telephoning we received twelve new renewals. Ray has not yet contacted his page. Don will e-mail Bob a new listing of the membership list with expiration dates.
  3. Bridge Street Path -Ray still plans to get in touch with Elizabeth Bagdonis
  4. Annual Meeting - April 13 in the downstairs of the town hall. We have one room reserved and Ray will try to get permission to use the coffee room also. We will make the focus the proposed changes to our charter to include pedestrians. The charter, itself, will be included in the lead article of the newsletter that will be sent out two weeks before the annual meeting. Holly reminded Ray that she would help with the newsletter. Ray will look into the regulations regarding notification and passage of the changes. We will also bring up at the meeting the possibility of different classes of membership, as lifetime, corporate, etc..


  1. CRW bike rack - Ray and the others will give Rich Warrington the go ahead to place the racks where Jim Shea suggested. He can spend up to $150 and send us the bill.
  2. Town Warrant - If it is available we will put discussion of it on the agenda for our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm