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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 Apr 13)

March 9, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Sawyer, Bob Evans, Charlie Webster, Ralph Hammond, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Mark Siegenthaler, and Holly Webster

7:35pm. Minutes from the last meeting were approved as corrected by Joel.


  1. MM Bikeway extension - Although Bikes Belong has refused our request, Bob Sawyer is trying to get funds from CRW. One of the bids requested by Rich Warrington has already been submitted but the dollar amount is unknown.
  2. Sidewalk passability - Holly noted what a good job has been done by the Haynes of Great Road. It was suggested that she write a public thank you for the Bedford Minuteman but thank them first and ask permission. She will follow through.
  3. MM Bikeway maintenance - Bob Sawyer will check with Lexington about plowing the MM for commuters in the spring, perhaps on April 1. Joel will contact Jack Johnson of Arlington on the same subject. This can be brought up at the annual open meeting next month.
  4. East Bedford Industrial Area - Joel will get together for a site visit with his contacts at Mitre. The Planning Board is meeting April 5 and April 26. Joel will ask if we should get together for a special meeting with them or request a slot on their agenda for April 26. We would like our boards to become more familiar with each other and we have some topics to discuss: getting snow off the MM, Joelís plans with Mitre people, and mention of what we have done re the MM extension.
  5. Bike racks -Holly will contact Rich Warington by phone or by e-mail about the moving of the bike rack at the library. Meridith at the library approves placing it on the right of the door as you leave the library opposite the door where the rack is at the moment. Holly will also ask him if he has priced the inverted Uís that we have requested for Depot Park.
  6. Transportation Committee - Bob Sawyer attended their last meeting and several issues were discussed including restricting trucks from Pine Hill Road, and ways to change speed limits effectively.
  7. Police Accident Report - Bob Sawyer reported that there have been no accidents involving bicycles in Bedford in over a year.


  1. Bob Evans reported that the River fest Ride has a 90% probability of taking place June 11. People will meet at the Bedford Boat Landing at 9:30am. The final Saturdays in June, July and August will be used for Tour de Bedford rides, meeting at Depot Park at 9:30am for each.
  2. Police Bike Day - Ray will ask the police if the date June 4 with a backup of June 5 will be good for them. The event will run from 10 to 12noon with setup at 9am.
  3. CYCLE Kids - Bob Evans will ask Annette Kennedy, a friend who is also a member of NEBC and is a CYCLE Kids instructor to speak with us about getting such a program started in Bedford, perhaps March 30. We need to have someone from the Recreation Dept, the Junior High, and some from BBAC.

Next scheduled meeting: Wednesday April 13, Old Town Hall conference room.

Adjourned 8:32pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Membership - Don reported that there has been one renewal since our last meeting. He did not know the total membership as he has been having problems with his computer. Ray still has not contacted his list of folks asking for renewals. Don gave Joel his backup disk to see if he could get information from it
  2. Bridge Street path - Ray will continue following up with this issue and set up the meeting with Mr. Drucker. It was suggested that Susan Grieb, chair of the Trails Committee would be a good participant to attend as well.
  3. Annual Meeting - Plan: Ray invited Peggy, Bob Evans invited Barbara Pike, Charlie Webster invited Jerry.
  4. Joel has yet to contact Arlington and Burlington. Slate: All four have agreed to continue for another year in the same positions. We will propose, for directors, Ralph Hammond for a one year appointment, Joel Parks for a two year appointment, and Bob Sawyer for a three year appointment. Charter: The committee approved by a 4-to-1 vote to submit the changes to the charter as proposed in an email from Bob Sawyer to committee members on 2/12/05 entitled "Bi-Ped Charter". The text of the email is attached below.
  5. Bikeway Articles - Ray announced that he needs all articles by March 23, the issue will be finalized March 25. On March 28, it will be reproduced and mailed March 29. Ray passed around a list of articles and we each agreed to write some. Holly and Ray will e-mail proposed articles back and forth until finalization. Please e-mail copies written to both Holly and Ray with the date at the bottom.


  1. no new business

Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

Email from Bob Sawyer 12 February 2005


Article 1: Name

Corporate: Bedford BI-Peds Inc.

Trade: Bedford Bi- Peds

Article II: Purpose:

The Bedfod BI-Peds is a volunteer organization devoted to the advocacy and promotion of safe, enjoyable walking and bicycling in Bedford.

The members act in an advisory capacity to the Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Bedford Sidewalk Committee appointed by the town of Bedford Selectmen on matters pertaining to walking and bicycling in Bedford. The Bedford Bi-Peds is organized exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501 {c}[3]of the internal revenue code.

Article III: Goals:

To provide enjoyment of sidewalks, bicycle paths, lanes, and trails for the town of Bedford. To encourage the town to provide safe cross walks and traffic signals and promote the safe passage of pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads, sidewalks, trails and pathways of Bedford To provide both youth and adult education regarding pedestrian and bicycle safety. To provide safe, secure parking places for bicycles at schools, offices businesses, stores and other places of interest to bicyclists. Involve the community through news letters, meetings, fund raising programs, membership development, letter writing and activism.

Article Iv:

Add membership categories such as: Corporate, Proponent, supporting, family, and student/senior.

article & VI:

No change

Article VII:

The charter of the Friends of the Minutemen Bikeway is hereby amended Year: Month: Day: