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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 June 08)

May 11, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Evans, Ralph Hammond, Joel Parks, Charlie Webster, Jim Nevins, Steve Williams, Amy Mason, and Holly Webster.

7:35pm. Minutes from the last meeting were approved.


  1. MM Bikeway extension – Neither Ray nor Joel has heard from the DPW re: whom got the feasibility study, despite the fact that Joel did try to telephone Rich on Arbor Day. His call has not been returned.
  2. Sidewalk passability – Ray says we must get on it. Joel will consult his sidewalk map and call each person in the BBAC and assign a portion of the sidewalks to survey and report back at our next meeting. Joel will let us know by phone or e- mail by next Wednesday.
  3. East Bedford Industrial Area - Sandra Hackman will let Joel know when they are meeting and when they are meeting with Judy Alland.
  4. Bike racks –Joel will contact Meridith and Rich. The movement to get the library’s current rack has stalled, as has the request to install two of the new racks near Depot Park.
  5. Transportation Committee – This item and the next were both postponed as Bob Sawyer is currently in Denmark competing and will return June 8.
  6. Police Accident Report –See above.


  1. Jim and Steve of Burlington missed our multi-town meeting and attended tonight to get us up to date on their projects. Jim reminded us of their three phase project. Phase 1 will connect with Bedford. So far they have “Share the Road” signs as their DPW will put up signs wherever their committee requests. All developers must include bike paths at the start of development. An interesting fact was noted: that the Burlington Mall is one of the most efficient malls in the country in terms of dollars taken in per square foot. Phase 1 has pieces completed but they are not yet all connected. The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, or MAPC, has approved Phase 1 and Phase 2. Jim and Steve showed us up-to-date maps with all the Phases shown. Burlington’s town meeting approved receiving an easement for a proposed bridge. Another bridge under route 128 on South Bedford Street will cost $90,000 to allow passage of bicycles.
  2. Amy Mason, a Bedford parent has formed a group of six Moms into a committee that has just gotten approval from the police department for a PMC Kids Ride for June 18. She wanted our committee to know about it and handed out info and registration forms. She would like to have all registrants to attend Bedford’s Bike Safety Day June 11 first.
  3. Bob Evans reminded us that we are sponsoring the River Fest Ride also on June 11 at 9:30am. As he has a conflict, he asked Holly and Charlie Webster to lead this ride. He will send them a crib sheet and if time permits show them the route. They should arrive about 15 minutes earlier, should bring a cell phone and a first aid kit. All participants must have a helmet. If some arrive without, they should be sent to Bike Safety Day which begins at 10am.
  4. Bob Evans will contact Annette Kennedy and invite her to our meeting July 13. She is the person responsible for the “Cycle Kids Program”. We would like to get something similar started in Bedford.
  5. Ralph plans to attend the meeting of MAGIC in Carlisle tomorrow night. Ray can contact Ralph if he is able to attend. Joel will make up a list of places where we would like bike racks and appropriate signs for Gorden Feltman who also plans to attend to see if we can obtain CMAQ funding.
  6. Bike Safety Day – The date had to be changed to June 11. Ralph contacted Eric, at the Bikeway Source, who agreed to provide one mechanic and an electric air pump. Ralph plans to give away helmets as needed and will call Eric to remind him of his offer.

Next meeting June 8, Town Hall, 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.


  1. Membership – As Don is not here nor membership co-chair Bob Sawyer, this topic will be postponed. Don should be contacted before our next meeting to send in a membership status report if he is not planning to attend.
  2. Bridge Street path –Ray hasn’t done anything here.
  3. Annual meeting – Joel will get two copies of the newly amended Charter so that Ray can have a copy and send one to the state.
  4. “Bikeway” articles – The next issue will come out before Sept. 3 which is two weeks before Bedford Day. Ray will bring ideas to the next meeting.
  5. Depot Park Freight House – They are in the need of clerks. Ray suggested that each of us plan to work one shift per month.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm