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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 Sept 14)

August 10, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Sawyer, Ralph Hammond, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Trish Domigan, Tracie Lenhardt, Rich Warrington, Holly Webster

7:30pm Minutes from the June meeting were approved (following the presentation from VHB).


  1. MM Bikeway extension – Trish Domigan (Project Manager) and Tracie Lenhardt (Engineer) from VHB told us about their initial plan for the bikeway extension. They had prepared and left with us an excellent map of the proposed extension. Questions Trish said that we need to consider are: gates at road crossings, signage along the way for vistas and other points of interest, and further connections. She said that we will have a better chance for funding, which may cost upward of $1.2 million, if our route has possibilities for regional significance. We definitely need a sign at Concord Road signifying the end. We may need fencing protecting from hazards in certain spots as the new path would be on top of the rail bed. Our next step will be to take a site walk. She will contact Rich with a few dates for us to choose from. Joel mentioned a few of our concerns: long term maintenance, possibility for plowing in winter, and the need for root encroachment stoppage. Rich said that we own the right of way which is the biggest thing in our favor.
  2. Sidewalk passability – Bob reported that the town has cleared out the brush overhanging the sidewalk along Old Billerica Road. Joel has not yet made assessment assignments.
  3. East Bedford Industrial Area – Joel reported that the drawings presented to us last spring do not agree with the work that is actually being done (particularly the alignment of the new, widened northbound road edge with the section of roadway emanating from the Burlington Rd intersection). Joel believes that two different companies are involved, with VHB responsible for widening Crosby Drive but not the Burlington Rd intersection. He will contact Trish separately by e-mail about this. Holly will contact Rich Joly of the Planning Board about getting on their agenda for an upcoming meeting.
  4. Bike racks – Holly had not yet contacted the new library director. She had spoken with Meridith just before her retirement and was assured that this job was on the list to be done. However, she will contact the new library director.
  5. Transportation Committee –Bob Sawyer reported that the Transportation committee and the Sidewalk committee will be combined. He will definitely attend their next meeting next Wednesday.
  6. Police Accident Report - Bob Sawyer reported that the Police Log listed no cyclist accidents in June and one in July. A cyclist and a car collided July 14 at the intersection of Davis Road and Revolutionary Drive. Another, reported in a newspaper article but not in the Police Log was a cyclist who had been thrown off Wilson Road July 6, by poorly indicated road work. Perhaps the police had not been called in this case but the person is still recovering from this accident. Bob will speak to a selectman at the transportation meeting to request that police reporting be improved.


  1. Holly requested that members look over the annual report that she had prepared for annual Town Meeting, correct it, and approve it. This was done and Holly will amend it and hand it in to the Town Clerk’s Office.

Next meeting -- Sept. 14, 2005, 7:30pm, Town Hall

Meeting adjourned 9:25pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Bridge Street path – Ray reported that Mr. Drucker insists that there be insurance specifically naming him as covered in case of accidents involved in the clearing. Ray reported this to Elizabeth Bagdonis who was unable to attend the meeting that Ray had with Mr. Drucker, June 15. She will contact the town lawyer about this and get back to Ray next week
  2. Membership – Don reported that the Friends have 117 total members of which 49 have expired. 15 are complimentary.
  3. "Bikeway" articles – Ray will contact us as individuals for specific articles. He has a few that did not make print from our last newsletter.
  4. Freight House – Ray reported that the Freight House is closing for construction but he did not know the exact dates.

Meeting adjourned at 9:50pm