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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2005 Nov 22)

Oct. 12, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Sawyer, Joel Parks, Ralph Hammond, Charlie Webster, and Holly Webster

7:35 pm. Approval of the September minutes.


  1. MM Bikeway extension - Bob had written letters to get letters of support and has received a favorable report from the Lexington Friends of the Bikeway which he will keep. The Transportation Committee is also in favor but asked about Railroad Avenue. Bob had obtained good maps from Adrienne St. John to find out the width of the easement along Railroad Ave but will need further explanation to see if the town already owns a sewer easement in the front yards of house lots along the avenue. He will also find out when the next report from VHB will be presented.
  2. Sidewalk passability - Holly brought in a copy of her letter to Gordon Feltman and it was approved by those present. She will redate the letter and mail it out tomorrow. Ray and Bob will start walking to access sidewalks before our next meeting. Bob told of a website by League of American Bicyclists that has a form for evaluation of sidewalks for both pedestrians and cyclists. The Transportation Committee is asking our input here.
  3. East Bedford Industrial Area - Joel and Holly, and all other members that are able, will attend the joint meeting with the planning board. Holly will let everyone know at what time we will be on the agenda. Perhaps the Zoning Board of Appeals is where we should be putting our efforts toward being included in all decisions that relate to cyclists.
  4. Bike racks - No action.
  5. Transportation Committee - Bob will talk to Rich Warrington about "Share the Road" signs, when he makes the contact to find out about VHB's next report to us. He will definitely attend their next meeting Nov. 9 in spite of a conflict with our meeting.
  6. Police Accident Report - Bob reported that there were no accidents involving cyclists in the past month. He reported that the police log notes only those accidents that actually involve both a cyclist and a motor vehicle. The fire log notes only those that involve pedestrians and motor vehicles. He will follow up on including a third category for cyclists.


  1. Joel will follow up on memberships for our committee. Holly pointed out that those members who cannot attend should report to Joel before the meeting that they will not be attending. Joel will find out if Bob Evans has actually submitted his resignation and also find out if there have been any new appointees. He felt that Don Blake might be willing to step aside if any new younger members are available.

Next meeting Nov. 9 2005, Town Hall, 7:30pm. Multipurpose room.

Meeting adjourned 8:20pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. Bedford Day staffing - Ray reported that although postponed for weather reasons, the map displays and bike parking went well. Twenty-five bikes were parked. It took Joel and Ray under an hour to set up. Joel will search the internet to find where an appropriate banner can be made.
  2. Membership - Bob reported that we have 16 paid up members although there are about 180 on our mailing list. Ray will contact Don: to see if there had been any response to our form printed in the Bikeway, to see how much money we actually have, and to find out if we are still up to date with the state forms due annually. It costs about $100 per mailing of the Bikeway, but Ray has not submitted his bill yet.
  3. Bridge Street path - Nothing has happened yet in spite of our agreement. Elizabeth Bagdonis did say that she would let Ray know when the clearing would start.

No new business

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm