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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2006 Jan 11)

Nov. 22, 2005

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Bob Sawyer, Joel Parks, Charlie Webster, Rich Warrington, Jerry Van Hook, Mark Siegenthaler, Charlie Schwerin, Trish Domigan, Bob Armstrong, Marita Hartstorn, Erma Greene, Allen Wirth, and Holly Webster

7:35 pm. Approval of the September minutes.

Trish Domigan, of VHB, made a second presentation to our extended committee. She passed around a 36 page print out and a 4 double page set of maps. There will be many things for us to consider, eg., signage at parking lots, actual surface, drainage, and environmental issues. The construction will not impact wetlands. She recommends that we send a notice of intent to the Conservation Commission.

She explained that there are two choices for funding, the Enhancement Program and C-MAQ. Both are Federal but run by the Mass Highway. Rich Warrington said that this is the way that funding went for the Freight House. $1.2 million will be needed and the pre-application is due March 1. Rich says that we have a good advantage in that we already have a 75’ wide right-of-way. The town is supposed to have a 7’ right-of –way along the south side of Railroad Ave. that was swapped for a right-of-way further back. The developer, however, has no record of this swap. Rich says they are following the paper trail to get this straightened out. The town must provide 20% of the funding. The $15,000 that was paid earlier will not be considered a match.

In general, the path will not be plowed except perhaps in April, if mounds of ice remain.

Joel said that we need to get the feeling of the town on this project. We will get to Trish with answers to those things that we need to decide; she will make the final recommendation, and then we will meet with the selectmen.

There is an example of an alternative surface along the Charles River from Watertown to Waltham. Trish recommends paving to match the existing MM Bikeway. We also tend toward paving to be what Rich would most like to maintain.

An abutter, Allen Wirth, suggested that our committee reach out to all the abutters for their input. He was wearing two hats, and also passed out a sheet prepared by Elizabeth Bagdonis with issues of conservation, open space and wetland areas. Rich suggested a questionnaire to be filled out by visitors to the Freight House.

We thanked Trish and all interested visitors and proceeded with our regular meeting.


  1. Bridge Street Path – Ray thanked Rich for the action that was taken, although the area is still very stubbly. Mr. Drucker is most concerned with liability and is in favor of keeping pedestrians off the parking lot but wanted the town or at least someone bonded to do the work rather than some volunteers. Gravel might be a good surface. Mr. Drucker wants to be sure that bicycles are walked through this area. Apparently, Adrian supervised a crew doing this work. Rich suggested that he and Joel re-visit the area and that Joel give him a call to set it up. Bob would like to be included in this meeting. A sign, “Please Stay Off the Driveway” would solve a lot of problems.
  2. Wiggins Ave. – Rich presented a series of signals that he would like to try out at the intersection of the bike path and Wiggins Ave,. but wanted our approval first. We were definitely all in favor. If such signals work out here, it could also be used at the Hartwell intersection on the extension.
  3. Sidewalk passability – Holly first thanked Rich Warrington for the letter he wrote in response to her letter about the poor condition of North Road between Carlisle Road and Pine Hill Rd., and then she read the letter to our committee.

The remaining business on our agenda was tabled until our next meeting when we will also have prepared our responses to the items we need to consider from Trish’s presentation.

The meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway


  1. None at this time.

New business:

  1. Newsletter- Ray would like to save postage by sending out the Newsletter by e-mail or on the internet website. Joel said that this is possible but would involve a long learning curve and a list of e-mail addresses of recipients. We will discuss this at our next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm