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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2006 June 14)

May 10, 2006

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Don Blake, Joel Parks, Bob Sawyer, Mark Siegenthaler, Ralph Hammond, and Holly Webster

7:40 Meeting called to order, somewhat late because, although posted in the Minuteman newspaper, the door to the Town Hall was locked. April minutes were approved.


  1. Minuteman Bikeway Extension – Joel and Bob made the presentation to Community Preservation Committee. He will follow up by giving them a hard copy of the VHB Feasibility Study report. Mark suggested getting the VHB report on the town website. Bob will take care of getting it there and will start by contacting Rick Reed. Joel reported that there were several people not in favor of paving the railbed. People feel that residents should be consulted and that it must be a community decision. Bob showed us a draft of a survey that we expect to send out to all residents through the Recreation Department in their September mailing. Our committee will do the tabulating, having the results ready for an open forum. If the town desires improvements less than paving, we definitely need maintenance budgeted. Before our next meeting, each of us should review the survey and have suggestions for the final copy. Ray suggested the survey also be answered by users of the bikeway. Mark felt that abutters would feel such a survey biased. Holly suggested a different survey for the users, keeping all the results separated. Ray will prepare a survey for users. We feel a letter should be written to the Minuteman newspaper before the survey is sent to all residents, and that we should get in touch with Bedford Cable Access to create an announcement (PSA?).
  2. Bridge Street Path – Ralph Hammond checked the path yesterday. The Trail Committee is also interested and, in fact, dreams of having the path go all the way up to the pumping station at The Great Road. Nothing has been done yet. All are awaiting the swath by the brush cutter. In the meantime, the path is being referred to as the Ralph Hammond Sewerway.
  3. Sidewalk passability – No additional news at this time.
  4. Joint BBAC/PB meeting – Joel will give a 5 minute presentation to the PB at their next meeting: May 23 to maintain the good relationship between the committees. Holly passed on to Joel the packet with info regarding the new restaurant.
  5. East Bedford Industrial Area – Joel has made no contacts yet but plans to do so, and Ralph will go with him.
  6. Bicycle racks – Ray will contact Rich Warrington about placing the rack funded by CRW.
  7. Transportation committee – Bob reported that he missed the last meeting, if they have had one. Joel asked Mark where we could access their minutes. Mark said that many times minutes are not posted until approved. He noted that Bedford has been commended for attempting to maintain all minutes of town committees on-line. We should check in the Minuteman newspaper to see when meeting are scheduled.
  8. Accident Report – Bob reported that the person at the Police Dept. who had given us the report previously is now gone and the new person doesn’t know anything about it. There was an accident reported in the Minuteman on Brooksbie Road at Hill Street, but apparantly no one was hurt seriously.
  9. Summer local bike rides – Susan Grieb did not attend tonight. Joel says she is willing. The current routes are not perfect. Holly suggested letting the rides go. They were not mentioned in the Recreation Booklet that just came out. No decision was made here. It will depend upon Joel and Susan and their decision.
  10. New Member – Ray will nudge Peter Dunn. Terry Gleason is someone Bob would like to have but so far he has been too busy.


  1. Boardwalk – Washington Street to the Middle School – Elizabeth Bagdonis thought Bob could ask the Browns if we could have a right of way to get from the end of Washington Street toward the Middle School, as the Browns own the land. The Transportation Committee should be interested in this. Ralph will tell Susan about this.

Next scheduled meeting – June 14, Town Center, 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Minutes approved with corrections.


  1. Pan Mass Challenge – June 17. Amy Mason, who arrived for this meeting, told us that they made $18,600 last year and have set a goal for $22,000 for this year’s ride. As well as the obstacle course for the youngest, there are three different length rides planned. Her biggest need is to have road crew volunteers to be placed along the route. There will be three police details whose time has been donated along the routes. Riders and volunteers may register on line.
  2. Police Bide Safety day – June 3 with a rain date of June 10. Amy will send out a notice of this through the PTO Newsletter via e-mail. Joel will get her the information that should be included. Ray got the names of those of us who will get there at 9:00am to set up for a 10:00am start. Ray will also invite Eric Dilg of The Bike Source and a person from the new bicycle service shop in the Blake block. He will also check with Bedford Farms to see if they are still willing to give out ice cream certificates.
  3. Newsletter – E-Mailing – Ray will get together with Don to get e-mail addresses of those who would prefer to receive their copy of The Bikeway via e-mail. Joel will figure out how to do this before September.
  4. Annual Meeting subjects – Safe routes to school should be a subject for BBAC not the Friends.
  5. New date for the Annual Meeting – Ray felt that we should push the date for the Annual Meeting from April to March. It was suggested that we have two meetings that month, the BBAC meeting on its usual second Wednesday of the month and then the Annual Meeting a week or two later. This sounded okay to those present.
  6. Don reported that we have a current balance of $969.04. Holly suggested that the Treasurer’s report should be given right after the minutes are accepted. Ray made a note to do this.


  1. No new business

Meeting adjourned 9:50pm.

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