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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2006 July 12)

June 14, 2006

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Joel Parks, Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster, and Holly Webster

7:35pm. Meeting called to order; May minutes were approved.


  1. Minuteman Bikeway Extension - Joel will take over the task of getting the VHB document up on the Website and will start by getting a soft copy from VHB. He will also get his version of the survey to Bob by June 21. They plan to meet and get our best version to the Recreation Department by the end of June.
  2. Bridge Street Path - Rich Warrington reported that his machine was unable to get to the path and that when he gets caught up he will get the work done by hand.
  3. East Bedford Industrial Area - Joel is unable to report any progress here. One of the packets from the Planning Board referred to 4 Crosby Drive. Holly will respond to the Planning Board that we are happy to be included in their loop. We have no comments on the two last packets. Some cyclists would appreciate having a secure bicycle rack at Dalya's restaurant but perhaps this is grandfathered in and does not apply.
  4. Bicycle racks - No contact has been made with Rich Warrington about placing the rack funded by CRW.
  5. Transportation committee - Bob reported that this committee is being reactivated and that he has been asked to be a member.
  6. Accident Report - Bob will call the Police Station tomorrow and get a message to Holly as soon as possible. He will continue to push for this report if it is not yet available.
  7. Summer local bike rides - Susan Grieb has agreed to lead a ride. We decided that we would like to sponsor one ride in the fall after Bedford Day and after a notice could be placed in the mailing from the Recreation Department. It could also be mentioned in the survey.
  8. New Member - We are still in need of one new member on the BBAC. Perhaps we could do some recruiting from our table at the Pan Mass ride on Saturday and also at Bedford Day.
  9. Boardwalk - Bob Sawyer will talk with Nat Brown about getting across his property. Perhaps he could grant an easement with or without a tax benefit. This would enable students to get to school from across Elm Brook, where a bridge would be needed.
  10. Safe Routes to School - Tabled for now.


  1. Traffic light at the intersection of Pine Street and Great Road - Bob reports that a bicycle will not activate the light. He will contact Adrienne St. John about this.
  2. Bob suggested that we contact the Board of Selectmen if we want to get anything specific done.
  3. Misaligned sewer grates - We have received information that a sewer grate in front of 10 Hemlock Lane has been put back 90 degrees out of line. Holly will prepare a letter to the Board of Selectmen for our next meeting for our committee to edit and send. It will suggest that the DPW must enforce proper alignment of all sewer grates such that the slots are perpendicular to the line of travel. As they are directly in the line of cycle travel, they are a danger if not placed properly.

Next scheduled meeting -July 12, Town Center, 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Minutes approved


  1. Newsletter - Ray reported trouble obtaining e-mail addresses of those members who would prefer to get their Newsletters on line. Holly will get a few plastic notice boards to have at our table for the Pan Mass Kids Challenge on Saturday. Joel and Ray will meet to solve the physical problem of putting our newsletter on line.
  2. Police Bide Safety day - As it was rained out for the second time, Ray asked what we would like to do next. As our goal is to have this day before the summer of kids cycling, we would prefer to have it in the spring or early summer. Bedford Day, as suggested by the Police is not our choice. Ray will pass on this information when he speaks to them next. Same time next year is our preference.
  3. July 4th Celebration - Joel would like to have a bike corral and table for the Friends present that day. He will contact the Celebrations Committee and find out if we can do this and at what time we should set up. Ray will bring the canopy. Holly and Charlie will bring a table and two chairs.
  4. Friends Banner - Joel will take action on obtaining a banner and may be able to get it before July 4th.
  5. New date for the Annual Meeting - We VOTED to have our annual meeting, as proscribed in our by-laws, in April. We will have it April 4, with our regular BBAC meeting on April 11.


  1. No new business

Meeting adjourned 9:56pm.

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