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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2006 Sept 13)

July 12, 2006

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Joel Parks, Ralph Hammond, and Holly Webster

7:35pm. Meeting called to order; June minutes were approved.


  1. Minuteman Bikeway Extension - Joel did not do any of the things mentioned in the last minutes. He asked Holly to phone him and bug him to do these jobs. She forgot and didn't do it until Saturday, July 22.
  2. Bridge Street Path -Ray spoke to Adrienne. Ray will contact Adrienne again and let her know that Ralph will be the contact if they cannot get the job done.
  3. East Bedford Industrial Area -Joel reported that the project seems to be on hold. There may be room on the east side of the road. There is not much we can do.
  4. Bicycle racks -Rich Warrington is away at the moment, but Ray will contact him before our next meeting.
  5. Transportation committee -Bob is away so this item is tabled.
  6. Accident Report -Likewise this item.
  7. Summer local bike rides -This item tabled until next meeting as it will be a fall ride.
  8. New Member -Holly will recontact Debbie Caban about joining our committee.
  9. Boardwalk -Ralph reported that he, Susan Grieb, Adrienne and Bob went and looked at the bridge. Ralph thinks the group should suggest to Nat Brown that building a bridge would be a good project for Rotary. We decided BBAC should not be pushers here but the Trails Committee. Ralph will convey this conversation to Bob.
  10. Safe Routes to School -Ralph reported that the Monday after the PanMass Kid's ride, at least seven kids rode to school. We again tabled this discussion.
  11. Holly read her draft of the letter she had prepared. With a suggestion for a new paragraph, she will mail it.


  1. Ralph reported that a trail exists from Springs Book Park to the old Page School. There does exist a sewer easement. If this could be fixed up, it would open up a new area to the park.

Next scheduled meeting -Aug. 9, Town Hall, 7:30pm

Meeting adjourned 8:20pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Minutes approved


  1. Newsletter -Not very many people signed up to receive their newsletter by e-mail at the PanMass ride. Ray will contact the editors mid August to plan the next issue. Holly felt it important that Don attend.
  2. Ray will speak to Denis Freeman of the DPW to deliver the fencing needed for the bike corral on Bedford Day, Sept. 16 by 9am, and again on Sept. 30 for the Story Telling Festival, again by 9am. Joel will work on getting the banner made by Sept. 16. Joel, Ray, Ralph and both Websters will help with the corral on Sept. 30.
  3. PanMass Challenge review - A lot of money was raised, so the event was a big Success !!! Ray questioned the value of our presence at the event. Joel and Holly felt the exposure was worth it.


  1. No new business

Meeting adjourned 8:52pm.

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