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Bedford Bicycle Advisory Committee

(approved 2006 Nov 9)

Oct. 16, 2006

Present: Ray Ruetenik, Joel Parks, Don Blake, Bob Sawyer, Charlie Webster and Holly Webster

7:35pm. Meeting called to order; Sept. minutes were approved.


  1. Minuteman Bikeway Extension - Joel reported that the VHB document is on line, but he needs to fix the link to our Website. We get back to the survey and results later on in the meeting.
  2. Transportation Committee - As far as Bob knows there has not yet been a meeting.
  3. Safe Routes to School - Bob will bring this topic up at the first meeting of the Transportation committee when it meets.
  4. Board Walk - Bob spoke with Nat Brown and they are scheduling a meeting with Susan Grieb on a Saturday in November. Joel would also like to attend this meeting, about which Bob will report to us at our next meeting.
  5. Road hazards - Joel has not yet written the letter to the Selectmen but plans to do it soon
  6. Police Accident Report - Bob reported that there were no accidents involving bicycles in the past month. He also reported that the police have now agreed to give him a monthly report. Bob is still working on getting such a report from the Fire Department.
  7. New Member - Candidates - Joel has not yet contacted those possibilities that he mentioned last month. He says he will do so and also to contact Dave Aldorisio who indicated an interest at the Pan Mass Kids ride.
  8. Bridge Street Path - We will bring this up with Rich Warrington when we next meet with him, probably in January or preferably in February.
  9. Bike Racks - This is another topic for Rich Warrington.
  10. East Bedford Industrial Area - We will wait until the final layout is obvious. This is another topic to discuss with Rich Warrington.
  11. Summer Local Bike rides - We voted to table this indefinitely as it now differs from our original intention to take Bedford VIPs on the ride and at this time no one is interested in planning and leading such a ride.
  12. Survey Results - There were 73 surveys filled out on Bedford Day with 63 in favor of paving and 10 against. Joel reported that he had about 83 surveys filled out on line, however 32 of these were not Bedford residents. The results were 64 in favor and 14 against. Joel says that he can get these results analyzed on line for a fee of about $20. We will ask the Friends to pay for this. Joel read us 17 responses to why the path should not be paved. Ray asked Joel to summarize for our next meeting, the arguments for paving that he discussed with folks on Bedford Day. As our next step is preparing a pitch to the Selectmen we will try to have all results at our next meeting. Holly took home the Bedford Day surveys. Bob will pick up the original ones from the Recreation Department publication. Joel will set up two URLs for us to enter the data, which we will do as soon as Joel emails us where to find the place to make the entries.


  1. No new business

Next monthly meeting - Nov. 8, Town Center, 7:30pm.

Meeting adjourned 9:05pm.

Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

Minutes approved


  1. Bedford Day - We corralled 54 bicycles. We feel that there is a need to stress the "free" part of our offer. Holly said that she would make some signs on canvas. Ray and Joel both said that they could get her a stencil of the Minuteman on the Bike. She will have until next summer for completion.
  2. The Three Apples - We had only 14 tickets used for bike valet. As we expect they plan to run the festival again we will plan on setting up the corral again.
  3. Treasurer's Report - Don reported that our account shows a current balance of $980.35. After comparing this with last months report, it seems he failed to sends Joel the check for $239. I hope that he will read these minutes and do so right away. Don also reported that there are 123 names on our roster, 16 complimentary, 9 paid up, and 98 have expired. He gave Bob the roster and Bob said that he would write to all those that have paid within the last year.
  4. Survey analysis money - We voted to have Joel pay for one month of survey analysis. As Don had just collected $10 each from two of us, whose membership had expired, he had the cash and gave it to Joel.


  1. No new business

Meeting adjourned 9:20pm.

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