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Minuteman West - the Minuteman Bikeway Extension!

The project to extend the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Bedford along the town-owned railbed toward Concord Rd. and the Concord town line took its first concrete step in 2005 at Bedford Annual Town Meeting. At that time, Bedford voters approved using Community Preservation Act funds to have a consultant prepare a feasibility study for the project. The consulting firm VHB was selected to perform the feasibility study, and their preliminary report was made to the Bicycle Advisory Committee on November 22, 2005.
The final report of the feasibility study from VHB (25MB pdf file), which was structured to serve as an application for state Transportation Enhancements Program funding, was presented to the Bedford Selectmen on Monday, February 6, 2006. At that meeting, the Selectmen voted to authorize the submission of the application for state funding, without taking a position on the actual details of the project. The initial submission was to the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the regional planning organization that includes Bedford. MAPC has since recommended the project to the State Enhancements Steering Committee; a copy of the MAPC letter is here: MHD_Transmittal_Letter_1Q2006.pdf.
Three surveys were taken. One was a page included in the Bedford Recreation Department mailing in September 2006 to all Bedford households. Another was a copy of the same survey on white paper, available to people The data is available here: MMB extension survey summaries and data
The next step is to obtain funding for the design work. This is approximately $100,000 and is not funded by the Transportation Enhancements Program. Again, the Community Preservation Act funds are a possible source of funding. If the Community Preservation Committee endorses the project, the request for funding the design work may come before Bedford voters as early as Special Town Meeting 2006.
- a presentation to Bedford 2006 Annual Town Meeting

Bicycle Tours of Bedford Tour 1 (west and north) and Tour 2 (easterly Bedford), organised by Bob Evans, were first ridden in late summer 2004, and repeated in 2005. See the Tour de Bedford rides description for further caveats and cautions.

Ten Commandments of Bicycling           graphic copyright (C) Andrew B. Singer - used with permission
  1. Wear a helmet for every ride and use lights at night
  2. Conduct an ABC Quick Check of your bike for safety and function before every ride
  3. Obey traffic laws: ride on the right, slowest traffic farthest to right. Always observe stop signs and traffic lights
  4. Ride predictably and be visible at all times
  5. At intersections, ride in the right-most lane that goes in your direction
  6. Scan for traffic, and signal your lane changes and turns in advance
  7. Be prepared for mechanical emergencies with tools and know-how
  8. Control your bike by practicing bike handling skills
  9. Drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry
  10. Have fun
    adapted from the League of American Bicyclists Better Bicycling Fact Sheets

Sharing the Road with Bicyclists: What Every Motorist Should Know.

Avoid the Traffic! Shop Bedford by Bike!
Down-town Bedford Bicycle Routes (jpeg 90KB 640x480 pixels) - a map of Bedford with cycle routes anotated (or full-size: jpeg 762KB 2600x1800 pixels)

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