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"Nia on Zoom is a gift. Joan is a warm and welcoming teacher. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. The music is great and we get a safe, active, and healthy workout. All this - and we don't even have to get in the car! Perfect for the coming winter."
Judy P.
"Zoom Nia with Joan is a wonderful uplifting workout! Dancing joyfully in my kitchen twice a week and "seeing" other class members has helped me through these isolating times."
"Nia via Zoom has been a mainstay for me during the pandemic. Nia is a wonderful way to nourish yourself both physically and mentally. Joan does a fabulous job with movement cues and and explanations. Enrich your life and become a part of the Nia community!"
"These Zoom Nia classes come pretty close to replicating the shared experience of being in a classroom together while remaining safely at home. I love that I have been able to continue, even after having moved to another State."
Susan from Maine
"I am a fan of Nia! Joan has mastered using Zoom as a teaching tool with great sound, clear instructions and easy to follow demonstrations. She is also using Zoom to continue building the friendly, and supportive Nia community which I particularly appreciate in these socially-distanced times."
"Attending Nia class via Zoom has been such a gift for my mind, body and soul! The joy, energy, and challenge Joan brings to these Zoom sessions keeps me connected and motivated."
"Nia via Zoom has been a life saver for me. I spent 7 months miles away from Bedford when the COVID pandemic started. Joan set up a Zoom account and I got to do Nia classes with a familiar excellent instructor and friends from town."
"What drew me to Nia was that I wanted a new exercise that was fun, easy on the joints, and had some aerobics, and lots of music. Nia filled the bill!
I like Nia because I feel like I am getting a good workout and by the end of it, I can't wait till the next class.
I feel refreshed after every class.
Nia has helped my broken body. After too many surgeries, the worst being in my neck area, I was afraid to try any exercise. Even though I used to swim, bike and run, I can no longer perform any of them. But I can work hard at every Nia class for 1 hour with no problem.
I think Nia is something that everyone would enjoy."
Karen Moore, Bedford, MA
"I had read that NIA drew from different disciplines to create a safe aerobic workout.
Nia is fun even when you are working hard and I have never hurt myself in a Nia class. I like how the format enhances body awareness.
In addition to the aerobic fitness, I have more energy all week. Taking the time to attend two classes a week pays off in me getting more accomplished.My aerobic fitness, balance and tone have all improved. Nia is a fun and safe way to get fit."
Susan, Carlisle, MA
"I love to dance and rarely get the chance.
Nia fills that need and also provides a great well balanced workout! Always feel good after class"
Barb, Bedford, MA
"'It's all good' is Joan's mantra during her Nia class: whatever you can do is just fine. It is the tone she sets in this wonderful aerobics class that also challenges your brain with multiple and simultaneous movements of different body parts. I'm always so pleased when I have completed the hour, knowing that this competent and knowledgeable instructor has put us through routines that are safe and effective in challenging our bodies.
Thank you, dear Joan. I look forward to your class!"
Dorothy, Bedford, MA
"Nia has fulfilled my expectations for achieving fitness of the mind and body. Joan has empowered me to improve my health and well-being. She is a caring, knowledgeable and skilled Nia instructor. Joan unconditionally supports us as a group and as individuals. She encourages us to work at our own pace, while providing modifications to challenge ourselves. As she says, 'It's all good.'"
Julie Zawel, Bedford, MA
"I discovered Nia dance class a little over three years ago. For a long period of time I was searching for a type of physical activity combining graceful movements, music, and a peaceful atmosphere. I tried yoga classes and other dance classes before. Still, I did not find a balanced physical effort and emotional pleasure in it.
I loved Nia from the first few minutes of my first class. I loved it more with every next class, with a different music scheme and a different routine. This was right for me, for my needs and my moods. This is a moderate exercise level, yet builds up muscles, strength, body balance, and flexibility. I can feel the condition of my back, arms and knees improve and feel the expansion of joy and inner peace more. Every week I have an hour of a body and mind workout, guided by my wonderful instructor, Joan. Every week I join this group of friendly ladies, who, I can tell, appreciate the Nia dance class as much as I do. (Exercising to the music was one of my dreams come true!)"
Dorota Szonert, Bedford, MA
"Joan's Nia class is too much fun ;>) We move every joint- big and small, short and tall, high and low, fast and slow, in and out, and round about! Left-ness and right-ness are of no import, a personal favorite. The music is cool. We have a ball. Do try it!"
Donna Jauvtis
"Working with Joan Turnberg as an executive "wellness coach" was definitely a fabulous experience! She was someone that I had to be honest with about setting realistic goals. She was very professional in organizing and orchestrating the sessions that we had together for optimal results. I set goals and with Joan's patient and thoughtful direction I realized these goals. It was an extremely satisfactory process, and one that proved highly motivational as well."
"I am so happy". I thought my husband was going to fall off the bed. I have not been able to say that truthfully about all aspects of my life in a long, long time. I feel good and am really beginning to get back my love of life, something that I thought I had lost. Isn't it amazing that eating right, exercise, having realistic limits and goals, and doing something special for myself can make me feel so great about life? It seems so simple now! Hindsight is 20/20.
Wellness Coaching gave me the opportunity to focus on ME for once. I had limits to set that I could only change myself, or be in charge of myself. I have always been a person who will try to engage others into my diet or exercise or schemes. Once, Joan said to me "Cassandra can only control what Cassandra does". I never realized I was trying to get others to help me in a way that sometimes would sabotage me and my goals. In focusing on myself, I am able now to set a good example for my family and others. I am not allowing them the opportunity to sabotage my health and fitness goals, because I am in charge of Cassandra. It sure does feel good. It feels good to finally lighten-up.
I am happy. I am healthy. I am physically fit. I am energetic. I am unstoppable!! Wellness Coaching is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Through realistic goals I have set with you, Joan, I have become a better woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and employee. Everyone should experience a Wellness Coach for themselves at least once in their lives.
Manchester, NH
Nia has done a terrific job improving my balance, energy and endurance. I was skeptical at first, thinking a once a week class would have a very limited impact on a middle-aged body. Nia actually has done a great job and more than I ever expected! While at a wedding, on my way down a crowded corridor, I tripped on a tablecloth that was dangling into the walkway. Wow, I went flying, BUT I caught myself, without falling, twisting or any other injury! I attribute this to my Nia workouts which include a segment on balance and strengthening. The workouts are always fun and challenging but can be easily modified to one's ability and fitness. I'm hooked!
Judy U., Lexington
Joan and Nia offer a dynamic combination of joy, fun, great music and a good workout! Joan is a natural teacher, who communicates genuine enthusiasm and joy for Nia as she leads us through each session. I'm so grateful to have found Nia--it is the most fun I've had in an 'exercise class' ever! And, the music is great too!
Sara E., Lexington
"I love how I feel during class and afterwards. Nia has a GREAT calming effect on me, I find that I am very much 'in the moment' during class and fully enjoy the music and movement. I don't feel pressure to 'do each move right' rather I just move in the direction my body takes me and that's ok! I leave class feeling very relaxed and calm. Joan loves Nia and it really shows in her teaching - she always explains the different levels of a particular movement and encourages everyone to do what they feel comfortable with, she has great energy and a passion for what she does, and it really sets the tone for each class. It really doesn't matter your age or past experience or expertise with fitness/exercise, Nia truly welcomes everyone!"
Kelly Biedermann, Billerica
"Nia provides a space for the soul to dance, and that's why I love it."
Jessica Bethoney, Lexington
"Joan's Nia class has been wonderfully effective in giving me relief from the chronic stiffness and muscular pain of fibromyalgia. By the end of a session, every muscle in my body has been stretched, soothed, and relaxed. No spoonful of sugar required, either - interesting routines and intriguing music make Nia a pleasure. I always look forward to Nia Day!"
"Balance and flexibility, stretching, soothing, relaxed. In a word, wonderful"
Lea Ann Knight, Financial Advisor, Bedford
"She has a wonderfully gentle presence and a fine sense of exactly what you need."
Stephanie Muller, Lexington
"Using a computer all day gives me a stiff back. Joan's massage gave me the relief I needed."
Teddy O'Connell, Billerica
"Joan is always able to create an environment that is comfortable, and cleansing. She allows for the mind to release its stress through the breathing exercises before she begins the massage. For me the massage is about the place that I go to ...I become one with myself again. I can really tell you it works."
"Joan showed me the research and taught me about the negative effects of trans fats, artificial flavorings, colorings, and artificial sweeteners have on the body. It was clear to me that I had to make some changes."
Paula Salvucci, Director / Owner, Inch By Inch Child Development Center, Bedford
"Coaching is very powerful. Together we took steps to improve the health of my body, mind, and spirit."
Kim Hodder, Bedford
"Wellness Coaching was an extremely positive experience. I feel great about the goals I accomplished, including being more aware of the quality of food I put into my mouth. Setting, discussing, and being accountable for my goals was key."
Adrienne O'Neil, Billerica, MA

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